Our Contributions

Over the past 25 years, the DAMA organization has been involved in education, training, and practical consultative experiences on a local, national, and international level. The DAMA International organization has developed and provided training of data management principles, practices, standards and procedures.

The various DAMA Chapters have grown in number from a few to many world-wide. With each new chapter having the guidance from the DAMA Foundation and DAMA International to help them to build expertise.  The publication of DAMA International's Chapter kits provide a road map for the new Chapter organization to build and succeed. With the Data Management Book of Knowledge (DMBoK) and Dictionary publications available from DAMA International, chapter members learn and modify these standards to suit their own organization's environment.  Various DAMA-based certification examinations are available for data management professionals. Together, DAMA has helped over 300,000 world-wide data management professionals learn from other professionals.

With our professional associations, DAMA has influenced the development of data management standards applicable to the international, country, or organizations. Our academic curriculum program has influenced college and universities to adopt courses that will help the future graduate understand the impact of data management and its applicability in their careers. Our involvement with Enterprise Architecture over the years has provided members with an exposure to the approaches one can use to successfully produce and use the architecture.  Our current participation in the FEAPO group is another example of our support for data management considerations in enterprise architecture efforts.

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