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DAMA International (http://www.dama.org) was formed in 1988 but the development started in the early 1980's with the development of databases.   DAMA International's vision is to be an essential resource to those who engage in information and data management.  As such, DAMA International is a not-for-profit, vendor-independent, global association of technical and business professionals whose mission is dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices of information and data management.  Explicitly, DAMA International’s goals are to:  (1) help practitioners become more knowledgeable and skilled in the information and data management profession, (2) influence practices, education and certification in the information and data management profession, (3) support DAMA members and their organizations to address their information and data management needs, and (4) form alliances with other organizations with similar principles to strengthen the profession.

DAMA International provides specialized publications, world-wide conferences, business networking and other services as appropriate.

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