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As part of its core mission and vision, the DAMA Education and Research Foundation fosters
outreach and a continued drive to establish Data Management as a formal discipline. In support
of this drive, the DAMA Foundation strives to cultivate student interest and involvement in Data Management as a field of study and career choice in North America. Creating the Student
Scholarship Fund Program provides a tangible mechanism to reach these individuals, who will
ultimately move the practice onward.

As a part of a long-term plan, the program will continue seeking world-wide partnering opportunities to extend its funding outreach globally targeting additional education and research opportunities that could further the discipline of Data Management.

To this end, we are offering annual designated and as well as general scholarships for a stated minimum amount of $ 500.00 U.S. Dollars (USD).


The scholarships will be awarded annually at the discretion of DAMA Education and Research foundation. There is no obligation to award yearly unless that particular fund requires an annual award. The awards may be given through general or named community donations and awarded grants.

The level of funding for the award, initially set at a minimum of $ 500.00 USD can also be varied at the discretion of DAMA Education and Research Foundation and with the donated and/or granted party. For named scholarship funds, a donation minimum of $5,000.00 USD dollars is required. There is no minimum for general donations towards the unnamed general scholarship fund.

There will be two distinct types of funding: General and Named. Named will be those moneys that are donated and stated as designated in honour of the donor. General funds will be those that are not named, as such, and will be placed in a general fund with fund amounts to be determined and may vary in size.

How it works

Scolarship Entry Process chart



Eligible students must be currently enrolled in 2, 3 year diploma or 3, 4 year University undergraduate programs in North America, or be in qualified Masters and Ph.D. programs. These students must be enrolled in programs as of January 1 of the award year. Proof of enrollment is required as part of the application submission.

Students must be top performers in the study of Data Management and demonstrate evidence of peer influence, in data management interest and topics. This can be demonstrated through the publication of papers in recognized Data Management journals, starting / heading a DAMA
student chapter, job performance, student school aligned club membership and leadership amongst other methods.

Application And Submission


Students must complete an application with your name, school and contact information. A Candidate Application Form is attached must also be sent with your essay and transcripts. An on-line application will be made available later this year.

Letter of Recommendations

Students need to request two (2) distinct submissions of recommendation to the DAMA Education and Research Foundation for review. These must be from current instructors or professors who personally know the candidates work. Character recommendation is expected as part of the application.

Candidate Writes Essay

As part of the submission, the candidate is required to write a short essay ( 1,000 words ) on a particular Data Management topic, such as “Why Data Management” for this named scholarship or a specific Data Management topic for General scholarship. Submit your essay online and with recommendations.


A good standing school minimum grade point average must be proven and shown as part of the qualification criteria. This may be done by sending an official copy of the student transcripts to:

Dama Education & Research Foundation
P. O. Box 9937
Wyoming, MI 49507-9937

Receipt of Submission Date

The candidate’s essay, transcripts, and two (2) submissions of recommendation have to be received by the DAMA Education and Research Foundation by December 1st of each year. Any missing documentation will automatically disqualify the candidate for consideration.

Selection and Notification


Selection will be made by the DAMA Education and Research Foundation and its Scholarship Fund Program Committee made up of advisors, members as well as board executives of DAMA. For named scholarships, the named donor will have a final decision and opinion regarding the candidate selection pool.

Selection Criteria:

The criteria to be used by the DAMA Education and Research Foundation and its Scholarship Fund Program Committee will be the following:

Points Awarded for:Maximum Points:
Academic Profile 30
Written Essay 50
Letters of Recommendation (2) 10
Application Presentation Packet 10
Total Applicant Points 100

Notification & Responsibility

DAMA Education and Research Foundation will notify the successful candidate prior to a public announcement. A public announcement of the winner will be made in the press and will be placed on the DAMA International (www.dama.org) and DAMA Education and Research Foundation website (www.damafoundation.org). The winner will be expected to provide their identification and participate in interviews.

Testimonial and Outcome

The successful candidate will write a thank you note or letter to DAMA Education and Research Foundation so the DAMA Education and Research Foundation will know what the student has gained from this scholarship.

Fill out the on-line application

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