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Creating a data management profession must be driven by the data management professionals themselves. A common theme regarding development of a data management profession is that If we don’t do it to ourselves, someone else is going to do it to us. So far, neither has happened, but the time is coming. Data resource management will become formalized, either from the inside or from the outside. The theme for creating a data management profession should be Professionals creating a profession. If data management professionals don’t step up to the task of creating a data management profession, someone else will. That someone could be Federal or state agencies through legislation, standards organizations, or other professions like engineering and architecture. It’s not likely in the near future, but it will happen.

Data management professionals have the opportunity to choose development of a data management profession. They have the opportunity to work together to create a profession to which they will belong. They have the opportunity to do it to themselves before someone else does it to them. The DAMA Educational and Research Foundation's role is to assist in the development and support of this objective.

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