Data Management Principles and Practices

Fundamentally, organizations will have the opportunity to choose to use principles and practices that provide maximum benefit to the organization or be faced with information and data chaos. This choice will be a difficult one with the every increasing explosion of information and data from multiple sources.

For those organizations who make the choice to maximize the benefits of data management will initiate changes that are structured around sound business principles and practices. Those principles and practices entail embracing data management in a number of ways by:

  • engaging all business professionals to develop data resource to ensure contemporary understanding and use.
  • defining comprehensive data definitions to improve productivity of organization.
  • developing formal naming structures for searching and access purposes.
  • tracking of data changes for authenticity and appropriateness for problem-solving.
  • initiating data quality initiatives to address disparate data and implications on contemporary decision-making.
  • structuring data integrity rules that support current business rules while minimizing costly data errors that impact business decisions.
  • developing a corporate-based data resource focused on business objects and events in the organization.
  • having readily available and properly protected corporate-based data with business responsibilities clearly defined.

Does your organization choose to maximize their data management principles?  Do you invest in data management resources to be able to address rapidly changing business and technological environments?   Does data and information maximize the organization's business mission and goals?  Do you employ the principles and practices outlined above?  If not, consider learning more from our <a href="">Why Data Management</a> web site.

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