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The IT (hardware, software, communications) technologies used to deliver data and information to the business professionals is a means to an end.  A primary purpose of technology should be to implement strategies for enriching data to achieve larger business objectives whereas it has been traditional application focused on producing understandable, reliable, timely, accurate data for sub-optimal decision-making.

Through our short 70 year history, we have seen many technologies come and go (i.e., ADA, C, C++,  COBOL, FORTRAN, JAVA, PL/1, Visual Basic, and MVS, Windows 95, 98, 2000, Win 7, and IMS, DB2, Oracle, Access, and Web Services, Service Orient Architecture (SOA), .Net, Extreme Programming, and so on and nothing has change!  All of these technologies have only increased the amount of disparate data in an organization.  With the introduction of new technologies each day, the key question is how are these new technologies reducing the amount of disparate data that exists in an organization.  Why hasn't the amount of disparate data been reduced given these innovations?

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