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Businesses are looking to improve their performance, know their customers better, open new markets, produce products and services that beat all customer expectations, and ensure long-term growth and profitability. To achieve that they are looking for new ways to understand, gain knowledge of, and anticipate what their customer wants and needs.

At the same time, executive management is examining the way they do business. Is the business model working? Are there better ways that we can improve our performance? Are our business processes efficient as well as effective? Is our information and data used to do these processes up-to-date, reliable, and of high quality to make good decisions? Is the information about our customers and our potential customers provide us with the understanding of the current and future markets?

For current and future skilled Data Resource and Management professionals

The DAMA Education and Research Foundation provides and specifically supports the world-wide development of data resource and management professionals. In doing so, the foundation provides financial support to scholars and researchers in various topical areas in data management. Current trends in Big Data, Metadata, and collaborative data management repositories are but a few of the areas of our efforts. For individuals, the Foundation supports the development of certified training programs, certified trainers, affiliated university programs, and the development of appropriate standards expected of data management professionals who work for these businesses.

To enable business to effectively use Information and Data

In this decade, the skills of the information and data management professionals will be a key enabler for businesses to survive in this market. So, the time is now for you to consider ways you can help the DAMA Education and Research Foundation to meet the needs of businesses now and in the future.

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