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The DAMA Foundation funds, in conjunction with DAMA International, a $ 500 non-refundable scholarship to an individual who is interested in pursuing a career in data management.

We recognize and encourage student interest and involvement in Data Management as a field of study and career choice. The next decade will demand skills to manage "Big data, massive unstructured and structured databases" from multiple sources, and mobile updating approaches that will test the security and integrity of all organization data implementations regardless of its origin.

An individual who is looking for application of current technologies to contemporary organizational demands,a data management career is one with constant learning.  Because of the scope of data management (see the DMBoK), your career can be quite varied across many disciplines.  This scholarship is direct to an individual who seeks this type of challenge.

Criteria for a Data Management Scholarship


Eligible students will be currently enrolled in 2,3 year diploma or 3,4 year University undergraduate programs in North America.  Also eligible are Masters and Ph.D. program students.  These students must be enrolled in programs as of January 1 of the award year.  Proof of enrollment is required as part of the application submission.

Application and submission:

Students need to request two (2) separate submissions of recommendation to the DAMA Foundation for review.  These must be from instructors or professors who personally know the candidates work.  Character recommendation is expected as part of the application.

Student Profile:

Students must be top performers in the study of Data Management and demonstrate evidence of peer influence, in data management interest and topics.  This can be demonstrated through publication of papers in recognized Data Management journals , starting /heading a DAMA student chapter, job performance, and leadership amongst other methods.


Should be declaring their intent to pursue a career in Data Management. As part of the submission is required to write  a short essay (1,000 words) on a particular Data Management topic.

Timing of Submission:

Applications will be submitted by December 1st and received by January 1st of the next calendar year. Awards will be announced at the annual DAMA International Symposium ( Spring annually) or April 30 whichever is earlier.

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