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Michael Brackett, Acting President

Mr. Brackett has been in the data management field for nearly 50 years, during which time he developed many innovative concepts and techniques for designing applications and managing data resources. He has written seven books and numerous articles on the topics of application design, data resource design, and common data architectures. His books Data Sharing Using a Common Data Architecture and The Data Warehouse Challenge: Taming Data Chaos explain the concept and uses of a common data architecture for developing an integrated data resource. His book on Data Resource Quality: Turning Bad Habits into Good Practices explains how to stop the creation of disparate data. His book on Data Resource Simplexity describes the approach to data resource management that avoids the creation of disparate data. His latest book on Data Resource Integration describes how to integrate a disparate data resource into a single comparate data resource. He has written numerous articles and is a well-known international author, speaker, and trainer on data resource management topics.

Mr. Brackett was a charter member and is an active member of DAMA-PS, the Seattle Chapter of DAMA International established in 1985. He saw the formation of DAMA National in 1986 and DAMA International in 1988. He served as Vice President of Conferences for DAMA International; as the President of DAMA International for 2000 through 2003; and as Past President of DAMA International for 2004 and 2005. He was the founder and first President of the DAMA International Foundation, an organization established for developing a formal data resource management profession, and is currently Past President of the DAMA International Foundation. He was Production Editor of the DAMA-DMBOK released in April, 2009.

Mr. Brackett received DAMA International’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006 for his work in data resource management, the second person in the history of DAMA International to receive that award. He was awarded the first Lifetime Achievement Award to John Zachman in 2003.

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Gil Laware, VP Finance

Gil Laware is a Managing Partner of Information By Design (IBD) company that provides CIO and other information technology services for various companies focusing on technology for business performance. Formerly an Associate Professor of Computer and Information Technology in the College of Technology at Purdue University, he taught multiple systems and technology courses. Prior to joining the Purdue faculty, he was an Associate Director for Fujitsu Consulting, Manager of Data Services for the Whirlpool Corporation, vice-president of Information Resources for Franklin Savings Bank and held various managerial and consultative roles with the IBM Corporation. Currently, he serves as the VP of Finance for the DAMA Foundation, served as the VP of Operations on DAMA International’s Board and co-founded the DAMA Kansas City Chapter. He has written a number of papers and presented at different DAMA conferences on information and data management topics.

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Ingrid Batiste Hunt, VP Marketing

Ingrid Batiste Hunt brings seventeen years of information technology, entrepreneurship and engineering consulting practice with a wide industry expertise and knowledge to DAMA International and Foundation. As a Software Engineer directly out of college, she implemented standard technology practices for many government, state and local projects. Ingrid has maintained a consistent focus on information technology and market development, as well as business development and market expansion. Her technical, alliance and marketing strategy and implementation techniques, has and will continue to be a unique character asset for the association. She currently holds international and local board positions within the DAMA International and Foundation, as well as other Technology and Non-Profit Education sectors. Ingrid holds a BS in Computer Engineering and has an MBA degree. She is the COO of a consulting IT practice and co-founder of e-Modelers, Inc.

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Peter Aiken, President of DAMA International

As President of DAMA International, his data management expertise from a business and academic perspective helps to drive the professionalism and expertise needed in data management. He is acclaimed to be one of the top ten data management authorities in the world. Having examined data management practices of more than 500 organizations, and consulting in diverse industries, he brings great expertise to the Foundation's board. As Associate Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business Information Systems Department since 1993, he brings academic understanding. He is an author of seven books and multiple academic data management related publications. He owns Data Blueprint, an award-winning data management and IT consulting firm in Richmond, VA.

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