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The DAMA Education and Research Foundation (www.damafoundation.org) is the Research and Educational Affiliate of DAMA International (www.dama.org) with a mission to promote Professional Data Management. The primary objective of DAMA Foundation is to establish a formal, certified, recognized, and respected data management profession. Our theme being "Professionals improving the profession".  DAMA International is a non-profit, vendor-independent, global association of technical and business professionals dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices of data management.

The objectives of the DAMA Foundation are to:

  • Promote the practice of data resource management
  • Provide educational opportunities for practioners of data resource management
  • Develop and promote research into data resource management areas
  • Advance the cause of scholarship into the data resource management field
  • Provide leadership and guidance to practioners through the establishment and maintenance of professional qualifications (certifications, degree programs, etc.)
  • Monitor and advance data resource management strandards
  • Provide funding for the development concepts, products, practices and educational services for contemporary data resource management.

Our focus is to develop highly qualified professionals to bring order to the data chaos environment that exist in most organizations. Our strategic direction is to lead the data management profession toward maturity through the following goals:

    • Providing financial assistance for education and research in the data management profession, including graduate and post-graduate academic activities
    • Funding efforts for the establishment of data management curricula within educational facilities at all levels.

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