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    Data management historically and today is a collection of disciplines, including mathematics, philosophy, logic, interpersonal communications, and so on.  The focus of data management is about data and its management.  It is not yet a formal profession in its own right. However, substantial progress is being made toward build a formal data management profession.

    Building a data management profession will have trials and tribulations. It will have successes and failures, and differences of opinion. People and organizations will support the move, and others will block the move. Each person and organization will take action according to their own personal and financial agendas. Eventually, a formal data management profession will evolve, but it may be a generation of two before it’s solidly in place.

    Creating a Profession

  • How Can You Get Involved?

    There are a number of ways that you can become involved with the DAMA Foundation. On our email form, just indicate your request type by choosing the appropriate type.

    • As a financial donor, you can provide for the development of educational resources to support the development of professionals in data resource management.  To do so, Select make a Donation button on this page.
    • As an educational contributor, you can assist in the development of educational materials or become a certified trainer in data resource education.  To do so, Select educational contributor.
    • As a student, you can provide the enthusiasm, passion and desire to learn about data resource management.    Join a local DAMA International chapter either by Select student or a member-at-large.


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Tools of the Trade

DAMA Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA DMBOK)

A team of DAMA members has developed a new book titled "The DAMA Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge" (DAMA-DMBOK Guide), under the guidance of a new DAMA-DMBOK Editorial Board. This publication is available from April 5th, 2009 in CD and hardcopy.

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Learn about Scholarships

Data Management Scholarship Opportunities.

The DAMA Foundation sponsors scholarships for individuals who are interested in a career in data management. If you are an undergraduate or a graduate student who has an interest in data management, see the requirements to participate in this 2012 opportunity.

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